Day 25: Making the Better Choice

What did I learn today?

Recently, during my Holy hour when I first wake up in the morning, I read something through a new lens.  This is the time that I spend orienting my day in prayer, God‘s word, and being attentive to my body.

The ultimate question to which we are seeking an answer is, how do we get to God and have eternal life? There are many things that distract us from this. Even good things can get in our way.  This is where self-awareness and knowing my tendencies helps.  Many times I have to do the opposite of my first inclination. This is where discernment comes in to ensure that I’m acting according to God‘s will, and not my own. 

I have a tendency to want to be comfortable, which is the sin of sloth. It shows its head in a variety of ways in my life so I have to be diligent and attentive.  For example, there is so much good literature, podcasts, and things to do to learn how to develop a relationship with God, it can actually distract me from actually having a relationship with Him . I found these things kept me living in my knowledge and headspace versus getting to the heart of the matter. I am called to love God with all my heart, mind, soul. How can I do this if I stay in my head, which is how most of us present ourselves in the world? Once I started making choices and simplifying my readings, I started spending more time in silence and prayer, noticing the movements of God stirring in my heart. This is what moves me closer to him, developing a trusting and loving relationship.

Learning to choose the better choice when given two good choices is what I learned today. 

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me that knowledge can never replace knowing the movements of my heart and being able to read the subtleties in which the spirit speaks. Authentically Yours.

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