Day 26: Being Seen

How were you seen today?

As humans we have the need to be seen and to know that we matter.  The people we encounter throughout our day can affirm us.  I see these as the seeds planted by God to show us we are loved and valued. This gives us a taste of what it will be like when we ultimately stand before His Glory! 

  • Today I was seen by my husband. He knows my love language is an act of service and he makes sure to make my breakfast to start the day.
  • Today I was seen by the Parking Spot driver as we laughed about the workout she received helping people with their luggage.
  • Today I saw the miracle of my body as I stretched and exercised. 
  • Today I saw the peace in my heart after I started the day with God in silence.
  • Today I was seen by a colleague as warm and welcoming.

And it’s only the afternoon.  I wonder who will see me throughout the rest of my day?

Who saw me today?

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be seen, known, and loved and knowing these are gifts from You. Authentically Yours.

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