Day 24:  Discerning God Voice

Is your heart rightly ordered?

We are told there is never enough. There’s never enough money, status, time, beauty, or life, and so the world sets us up to follow the gods of anxiety, the god of saving, the god of fear, and even the god of self-reliance. Holy Scripture tells us that we have a choice before us:  live in prosperity or death and doom. 

When we love God and walk in His ways, we will be blessed and live life to its fullest. However, when we turn our hearts away, do not listen and serve other gods, we perish.

I have a constant invitation to follow God‘s love, mercy, and justice.  When I avoid the gods of the world, I learn to live. As I choose God‘s love, I let God into my fear and anxiety, instead of clinging onto my own management and control.  In God, I can know what true freedom is, living in abundance and avoiding living in fear. 

What should I avoid today?

Lord, You teach me how to follow You and convert my heart to live generously and in love.  Help me always discern the path that moves me towards freedom. Authentically Yours

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