Day 23: Something Different 

Are you open to doing things differently?

My spiritual direction program is stretching me in ways I never thought possible. Recently I’m realizing how my inner critic can hold me back, breeding doubt and uncertainty. This is my fallen self. God‘s grace is revealing to me that the feeling of “stuckness” is usually tied to my fear of disappointing someone. It’s when I’m in conflict with what I know to be true and what I think the other person expects of me. It has something to do with someone trying to fit me in a box that I don’t think I should be in. 

Sometimes I climb inside the box and don’t risk doing something different but as I’m becoming aware of this pattern and feeling stuck, I can take a sacred pause, breathe, and invite in the spirit to give me the strength to be true to myself, which is who God wants me to be.  Vulnerability is uncomfortable, but it is necessary for spiritual growth. 

Spiritual growth is about learning to love, not as the world loves, but as the one who created us loves. This includes valuing and loving myself when I need to take risks when the Spirit calls me to do something different.

Where could I have exposed myself to risk something different?

Thank you, Lord, for helping me see that sometimes my instinctual way of doing things isn’t the best, most right, and just way of responding. Authentically Yours.

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