Day 22: Called to Go Deeper 

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Do I make good choices in what I do and in what I avoid?  

We have entered into the season of Lent and are focused on the three great pillars of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to prepare ourselves for the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.  For many of us, including me, Lent can become a time of focus on self-improvement or dieting (physical preparations) and not necessarily on the spiritual preparations for Easter.  Taking better care of ourselves, eating better, getting more sleep, and exercising more are all good things, but I think that God is calling us into something more meaningful and deeper to discipline and prepare our hearts and souls for the coming of Jesus at Easter.

When faced with the question “What are you giving up for Lent?”, I am focusing more on what I can do more of or what I can avoid, rather than simply stating “I am giving up chocolate” (which, don’t get me wrong, is a hardship for me!)  I am digging a little deeper and seeing what I can do more of — more spiritual reading, more time in silent prayer, more time in Adoration — as a way to discipline my desires and bring me more in alignment to God’s will for me.  In addition, I am looking at what I can avoid — gossiping about co-workers, excess screen time, complaining about people and situations that I have no control over.  God is asking me to turn to Him more and more, and to avoid those things that take me further away from Him.  It is always a struggle, but Lent is a time when I can deepen my relationship with God and make better choices to bring me closer and closer to Him.

What am I choosing to do or to avoid today to bring me into a closer relationship with God?  

Thank you, God, for this time of Lent to help me prepare for Your resurrection at Easter.  May I continue to grow in my relationship with You and strip away all that is keeping me from loving you completely.  Authentically Yours.  

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