Day 17: Fasting for Greater Love

Whom did I neglect? 

When sacrifices are done out of love, they inevitably draw us closer to our Lord and prayer. When we think of fasting, it’s easy to think about simply giving up a meal or food. But what about fasting from unnecessary iPhone use in order to pray more.  What about saying no to a few social activities to sit in silence and prioritize centering prayer?  

When I sense that God is somehow not as close as before, perhaps it’s because I’ve distanced myself from Him and it’s time to seek and find him again.   Acts of mortification, like attending an extra daily Mass, or sitting in adoration, when done with love, will always inflame a deeper longing for Jesus.  This fire draws us to care for the hungry, oppressed, homeless, naked, imprisoned and the suffering. We are called to serve all the suffering. Fasting before God draws us towards a radical generosity to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a sacrifice for greater love. 

Do a little more. Give up just a little more. Do something you wouldn’t normally do – wake up a little earlier, work out a little longer, look at your phone a little less, give a little more of yourself to God.

Friday Fasting Challenge with Mark Wahlberg 

Lord help me sacrifice and seek you in prayer with contrite heart, so I come to know your love in a greater depth of spirit. Authentically Yours

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