Day 2: Where Do You Turn?

Do you turn to God in the struggle?

Recently I was in a group of trusted people receiving some feedback. A question I asked to them was how to get through feeling stuck when asked a question during a spiritual direction session. One person invited me to dig a bit deeper around the fear of feeling disappointment in not responding how the directee might expect. Another person suggested I get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  

By turning to God in prayer this morning, I was able to see how the chains of disappointment bind me up and keep me from being who God wants me to be.  I do this in order to receive approval from others.  This heaviness weighs me down. When all God wants me to be is free and who I was created to be. Authentically God’s. 

How did you turn over your struggles to God and let go today?

Thank you, Lord, for the revelation and I invite you in to heal a part of me that seeks to please anyone or anything above You and to be Authentically Yours.

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