Day 1: Listening to God’s Voice

What is God telling you to do?

God‘s presence is in all of creation and speaks to us in more ways that we can imagine. One specific way to become familiar with God’s language is by contemplating scripture, especially the gospels. 

This morning, I was reading the parable, where Jesus walks on water (Matthew 14:22). I placed myself in the story and imagined myself as Peter who was caught up in the fear of being in a storm and fighting heavy waves. Even when Jesus walked towards him he didn’t recognize him, as he was so fixated on his fear. But once Jesus spoke and said, “Do not be afraid,” Peter was able to fix his eyes on Jesus with a heart of faith that he walked on water towards him. But the moment he looked away and towards the storm, he became terrified and sank.  

This story reveals to me the struggle of life and how I need to ask for the strength to always keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. The culture in which I’ve been raised rewards independence and self-reliance, but this keeps me stunted spiritually and not fully realizing my pure, authentic potential as God designed. I need Jesus to save me as he did Peter to live in peace and faith.

How did God meet you in Holy Scripture today?

Thank you, Lord, for giving us Your living word to draw us closer to You, Authentically Yours.

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