Forty Days of Being


There are a multitude of ways to approach the Lenten journey but how about this year you accept the invitation to get real with God?

We are drawn to live wholeheartedly in courage, compassion, and connection but unless we can receive with an open heart we will never really give with an open heart.  We are not called to the path of least resistance but of consciousness and choice. 

Leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude, and grace. It is uncomfortable and scary, but leaning in requires both spirit and resilience.  Confession helps train us to get honest with ourselves and God and the humility to ask for forgiveness. It changes our perspective and draws us closer towards our purpose. This meaning leads us towards hope. 

When we understand in our head that we are designed in God’s image, we are called into an intimate relationship with our Creator. 

Each day, Authentically Yours will slow us down and prompt us to examine our intentions and motives with the goal of taking out some trash that we collect from the burdens of our culture. Preparing our souls for the new life the Easter season brings. We hope that our vulnerability, Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, will inspire you to deepen your discernment, conquer temptation, resist the evils incurred by sin, and arm you for the spiritual battle.

Will you join us?

Lord, thank you for never failing to draw souls to You. Authentically Yours

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