Are You Prepared For Lent?

Better yet, are you questioning if you should even bother to prepare? As I spiritually mature, I’m learning the error of my ways and the diligence it takes to be in alignment with God. Spending time in prayer and reflection draws us towards authenticity. By examining our conscience, we become aware of the burdens we carry that weigh us down when we don’t have God as our center.

The practice of Confession is an important part of our faith life, as it allows us to deepen our relationship with God by acknowledging the ways in which we distance ourselves from the divine. Our heart and mindset changes as we seek forgiveness for our sins. While Confession is an invaluable practice that encourages us to mature in our lives and faith through self-examination, too few of us seek it with regularity.

But this is the path we can walk to find joy and happiness.  Little by little, step by step we walk towards a more humble heart.

How do you distance yourself from God?

During the 40 days of Lent, Lord, lead me towards purity of heart and teach me to be authentically yours.

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