Day 3: Enjoying Life

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Do I take time to enjoy my family and friends?

As the new year begins, I am always excited to open my new calendar and stare at the blank pages, imagining all of the wonderful events and activities that will fill the new year.  I start to write down upcoming activities, appointments, and reminders, and suddenly those blank pages are filled and I become overwhelmed with all that I believe I need to accomplish.  I look at these filled pages and become tired, before I really begin the new year.

The past few years, I have taken a step back in this process to make sure that I do not fill every minute of every day with activities and appointments, but schedule time to spend with my family and friends.  This includes big events (holidays, birthdays, vacations) and smaller events (lunches, dinners, movies).  It is also making sure that there is time for phone calls, texts, check-ins, and even last-minute events with family and friends.  The only way to maintain and grow our relationships is to spend time together, to share stories, laughter, tears, and good food (and good wine too).  Without time spent together, even healthy relationships grow cold and stale.

I also have become more aware of making time in my schedule to spend time with God, to rest in His love.  My relationship with Him will only grow and become stronger when I spend time with Him, share my prayers and thoughts, and most importantly listen to Him.  My relationship with God is an essential part of my life and I make sure that I treat my relationship with Him as my most important priority.  Resting in God’s love and embrace is really the most important item on my agenda.

Am I taking time to rest in God’s love and to also rest and enjoy time with family and friends?

Thank you, God, for allowing me to rest in Your loving arms and for waiting for me to come to you and spend time together in peace and prayer, Authentically Yours.  

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