Irritations Become Gifts

Reflections for contemplative living

Is there anything standing in your way to living your best life? What about an irritating situation, a challenging person, an unwanted illness, or questions around your mortality. St. Oscar Romero says these situations can make a good examination of conscience as something that irritates me can actually be a call to my conversion.

We are called to repent.  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” says Matthew 4:17. These words are tied to the story about Peter, Andrew, James, and John who dropped everything, literally everything to follow Jesus.  This leads to a deeper question of what it means to repent. 

What will we not leave behind in order to follow Christ? 

Whatever that is, that is what we need to repent of. It’s an invitation to take things on faith. We all know that when we try to control life, even our own life, things never work out as we planned. It’s only when we are letting go of our attachment to control that God‘s plans can come about. Those things that are irritations become gifts to draw me to be a better person.

Holy Spirit within, lead me to a contrite heart, so that I may know God’s will.

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