It’s Not Really About Me

Reflections for contemplative living

Worship really isn’t about God. It’s a gift we are given by God to allow us to change our mind and hearts. To return to our original state of blessedness. A return to our true selves, made in love, by love.

When I focus on God and eternal things, there is no room for getting caught up in the emotional baggage I carry or my inflated ego thinking this life is about me. My worship — a prayer of gratitude, carrying a scripture throughout my day or looking up to the vastness of the sky – humbles my heart and feeds my faith in a God that is big, mighty, all-knowing, and good. This life isn’t really about me.

What do you do to remind yourself that it’s not all about you?

Thank you, God, for fulfilling your promises to change my mind and heart towards Your love and my original blessedness.

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