The Thin Space

Reflections for contemplative living

I had a vision the other day of what it would look like if all of creation opened up their hearts to God, and accepted Him as He is. The veil between heaven and earth was lifted.

One of the early mystics, the cloud of unknowing, says a short prayer pierces the heavens.  This vision I had was one of bliss where God’s heart was overflowing, and peace rained down upon all His creation. 

If I orient or point my life in the direction that I want to take, step-by-step I get there. These daily prayerful actions I take are the arrows that pierce the heavens. When I open myself up to God, I’m embracing all of creation and accepting all of reality. Beginning with God and the divine spirit that works within me.

How will you live in the thin space between Heaven and Earth today?

Thank you Lord for opening my heart today.

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