Sharing Is Caring

Reflections for contemplative living

I have a colleague at work who is an excellent communicator. She is focused on details and the “how” to do things. We are a great team as my strength is the big picture thinking and connecting dots to move a project forward.

We frequently affirm what a great team we are despite the challenges that arise in a normal work place. Being available to each other and talking through difficult situations brings us closer together. This willingness to be vulnerable with each other leads to a caring and supportive environment, and satisfaction.

Are there areas of my life or people that I need to direct some caring and sharing to today?

God, may I share my love, my joy, my happiness, my time, my hospitality, my knowledge of things on earth, and my faith. Even though I may not see the results of my acts of sharing, may I take joy in the acts themselves. May sharing and connecting with others become as natural to me as speaking or breathing.

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