Harvesting Good Things

Reflections for contemplative living

My husband and I recently rang in the New Year with a tradition we love. Our home is opened to friends for champagne, steak, and lobster along with a game of chicken foot dominoes while watching the ball drop in Times Square.

Our friend Susan always shows up and tends to be the life of the celebration. She calls us her angels as we’ve been walking through the season of losing her husband with her. It gives us joy to plant hospitality, courtesy, and kindness in the world helping our friend not feel so alone. By showing up, she gathers friendship and love. Together, we are harvesting good things.

Good deeds are never lost. What good deeds will you plant today? Or are you in a season of gathering the benefits of someone else’s efforts?

Thank you, God, for letting us participate in Your love by harvesting good things.

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