Work In Progress

Reflections for contemplative living

I recently read an article that gave me a thought I need to hang onto. We are all works in progress.

Because God works through all of creation, I know these words were meant for me to hear as my judgment thermometer has been on the rise. So has the scale….I wonder about the correlation? 

As I notice this, I can proactively move towards self-compassion and move out of my reactionary perfectionism. 

By remembering we are all works in progress, I shift from judge (which is not my job) to teammate. This attitude breathes life into situations allowing me to concentrate on what I can do to help people become a better version of themselves. It allows me to not be so hard on myself when I am in periods of desolation about my worthiness. This breaks my stinking thinking and moves me into the softness of self-compassion and love.

Is there a place in your heart that needs a little self-compassion today?

God, thank you for being everywhere and in everything that is created in Your goodness. You created me “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Knowing we are works in progress helps me bridge the gap between the reactionary thoughts of judgment to truth. Breathing life into those around me today.

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