Seeing God

Reflections for contemplative living

God has taken different forms for me over time. As the separation between me and all creation dissolves, I identify God as breath. The same Creator who breathed life into the earth still breathes within me today.

Sometimes I forget this and become uncertain about God‘s will. When I find myself in darkness on an important question, I may spend time searching and doubting and getting discouraged. I may neglect what is in front of me.  But as I remember to breathe, the overwhelm subsides and I get simple. I remember at a minimum that I have all I need to fulfill the duties in my state of life. 

What are the essential points of my Christian vocation that I can practice today to help me learn and grow in love?

God, Your will for me every day is to be faithful in prayer, maintain trust, love the people around me here and now. When I lack answers about the future, help me prepare to receive them by living today to the fullest…breathing the breath of life.

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