A Spiritual Partner

Reflections for contemplative living

As we begin a new year, do you have a spiritual partner to help you go deeper in your relationship with God?

We have many role models to choose from. I’m a fan of Saint Benedict who teaches me how to listen with the ear of my heart, Saint Padre Pio, who shows me how to pray, hope, and not worry, and Saint Francis, who encourages me to live simply. 

This year, I’m partnering with Mother Mary again to help me dive deeper into my “Yes” in living a life of love not as the world defines love but as God defines it. Living my “Yes” means unlearning much of what has shaped me through my first half of life, in order to live my second half in authenticity with courage, compassion, and connection. A time when I surrender to who God created me to be, where I ask and listen to the divine within acting with a humble heart. There is no better person than Mother Mary to teach me these lessons.

What role model will help you grow spiritually?

Thank you, God, for giving us so many wonderful teachers that can show us how to live the life you call us to live – to love You and each other.

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