Fresh Start

Daily thoughts for contemplative living

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, a new day, and a fresh start for new beginnings. A time for a new mindset and waking up to what’s real. A time to focus on the wholeness of relationships with God, with myself, and with others, living integrated in body, mind, and spirit. Living a contemplative life of meaning.

In a culture that disregards spirit, we lose the mystery and meaning of life.  As I continue to live the magic of Christmas, I have extra energy and awareness that helps me breathe in hope and be grateful for each breath I take. My spiritual muscles are awake and I am more alive! 

This knowing grows my courage, expands my trusting heart, fanning the flames of the Spirit within. 

Each breath draws me closer to my authentic self, who I was created to be.  Born body, mind, and spirit, in integrated wholeness, sacred and holy, a co-creator of goodness and light. With each new breath, I remember.

Today I will spend some time and make some notes in a journal on how I will leverage my fresh start this year.

Thank you, God, for new beginnings and for the chance to become alive in You with every breath I take. You are the wind beneath my wings, always drawing me towards Your breath of life and goodness whether I’m aware of it or not.

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