Finding God's Goodness

Week 52. Seeing. Sacredness of Breath.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of love grows our generosity.

As we ponder another new year, I want to extend an invitation to you to dream a little. To take a few minutes to escape the demands of the world and stoke the fire that lives in your heart. You know the one, aching to know the truth and yearning to really love. Like Ruah, the sacred breath of life which shows us the fullness of love.

Do you have a sacred space where you can be real and vulnerable, creative, courageous, and compassionate. Where your heart can soar like the one from long ago when it was seen, accepted and loved without self imposed expectations. A place where such generosity and joy flowed for days and days. A time when the real you was seen. 

Join us in the new year to breathe in the breath of life. To walk each day in a sacred space and anchor in God’s goodness with every breath we take.

Thank you for joining Smitten with Goodness this past year in finding God’s goodness through living the good life of virtue. Where practicing prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice aligned with faith, hope, and love yield the good fruit of the Spirit. 

May we breathe the Spirit of hope, joy, peace, and love in the new year.

Lord, lift our hearts and minds to be Smitten with Goodness. 

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