Slowing Down

Reflections for contemplative living

This year I need to slow down, build some resilience, and continue to turn to what’s important. It’s so easy for me to default to busyness and the hustle to prove my worth. I’m observing that this is a sign for me to stop and step up my contemplative practice.

I’m not a monk or a religious so what does this look like? I do this by reflecting on big questions like who is God? Who am I in God? And what is my purpose? How am I living this purpose? What is truth? What does it mean to love?

It is so easy for me to “do” and harder for me to “be.” When I get off balance, I find reaching for the tool of “opposite” and intentionally making another choice than my default helps. It creates a shift and broadens my perspective. Most any choice is the right one if it is good, right, and just.  Pondering, praying, and contemplating is always the right choice.

Today I will notice the big question I’m drawn toward and contemplate it throughout my day.

God, thank you for the invitation to join the journey of life. This new day is an opportunity to breathe Your goodness and grow in love and compassion

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