Finding God's Goodness

Week 40. Giving Due. Attitude of Faith.

Valuing others is justice. Seeking justice coupled with the virtue of faith grows our faithfulness.

The virtue of justice is the habit where we consistently give each person their due. As I have searched for the meaning of justice, I’ve learned at the core it is valuing others.

Justice is a hard virtue to practice in our world today, with its focus on our own successes and our own agendas. But I’m learning that the more I get outside myself to focus on others while being grounded in faith, I’m able to bear the fruit of faithfulness. We are called to serve others, not ourselves. 

Faith is an attitude of trust in the presence of God. Faith is openness to what God will reveal, do, and invite. It should be obvious that, in dealing with the infinite, all-powerful God, we are never in control. 

One of the most fundamental statements of faith is this: my life is not about me. I’m not in control. This is not my project. Rather, I’m part of God’s great design. To believe this in my bones and act accordingly is to have faith. When I operate out of this transformed vision, amazing things can happen, for I’ve surrendered to a power already at work in me that can do infinitely more than I can ask or imagine. Even a tiny bit of faith makes an extraordinary difference and makes me realize it’s not about me.

Always be impartial and just in your deeds. Put yourself into your neighbor’s place, and him in yours, and then you will judge fairly . . . Frequently, therefore, examine your heart, whether it is so disposed towards your neighbor, as you would have his disposed towards you, were you to change places; for this is the true test.”

St. Francis de Sales

Lord, thank you for compelling me to meditate on the meaning of faith which allows me to be just.

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