Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Eight. Integrity. Back on Track.

Valuing My Body. Temperance with love leads to chastity.

It takes a lot of integrity to love well. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and uprightness. 

For me, integrity is a guiding value in my relationships. Having been in many relationships where there was little honesty, as I’ve learned to love myself, I found this was a deal breaker for me. This value is a driving force in my successful marriage today. 

I’m working on this radical honesty when it comes to the relationship with myself. Where I love and respect all the parts of me. Where my actions follow my words. Where I’m taking care of myself like I do for others and prioritize my health and well-being.  This is hard, though. My discipline ebbs and flows and I get frustrated, which leads me into my all or nothing thinking. This intemperate attitude doesn’t serve me well. 

As I take a deep breath, I’m reminded of the Divine presence in my life. I breathe in wisdom and strength which allows me to take the next right step. My integrity helps me get back on track to loving myself and others well. 

Lord, help me love myself with integrity; show me the way. 

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