Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Seven. Reverence. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Valuing My Body. Temperance with love leads to chastity.

Are you looking for God’s goodness by growing in reverence? Reverence is the way of radical respect and it is a practice we can incorporate in our daily life. It recognizes and honors the presence of the sacred in everything — our bodies, other people, animals, plants, rocks, the earth, and the waters. It is even an appropriate attitude to bring to our things, since they are the co-creations of humans and the Creator.

Nothing is too trivial or second class for reverence. But it has to be demonstrated with concrete actions. Don’t abuse your body — eat right, exercise, get enough rest. Don’t abuse the earth by being wasteful of its gifts. Protect the environment for your neighbors and future generations.

Reverence is also a kind of radical amazement, a deep feeling tinged with both mystery and wonder. Approaching the world with reverence, we are likely to experience its sister — awe. Allow yourself to be moved beyond words.

There is one unmistakable message in the spiritual practice of reverence: because everything is touched by the sacred, everything has worth. This practice, then, builds self-esteem.

Its opposite is irreverence, the “dissing” of the Creation. Examples aren’t hard to come by: pollution, wasteful consumption, cruelty to animals, exploitation of forests, overuse of the land. On a personal level, irreverence may manifest as ennui, a kind of world-weariness. Or it may take the form of a defiant disregard for the feelings of others and a reckless, devil-may-care, use of resources.

As I pass by agrand tree, this will be my cue to practice reverence.

Seeing the respect given to great spiritual leaders reminds me to reverence the holiness of human beings.

When I meet people who don’t care about animals and nature, I vow to balance their indifference with my commitment.

Blessed is the Friend of the World who is pleased when we practice reverence toward people, places, animals, and things.

How will you practice reverence in your day?

Weekly Reflection Summary: 

Sunday. His Will. Profound respect and love.

Monday. Reoriented to God. Virtue helps us battle.

Tuesday. Steps We Can Take. Properly ordered.

Wednesday. Chaste Heart. We need good role models.

Thursday. Mystery. Seriousness and its intimacy.

Friday. Genuine Heart. Develop more reverence.

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