Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Seven. A Pure Heart. Desire.

Month Seven – Valuing My Body. Temperance with Faith produces modesty.

My confession, I struggle with discipline. I can be very disciplined with my work life and other areas of my life, but it falls off the rails when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. You wouldn’t know this about me from the outside but I’m on a constant roller coaster ride, up and down, and it’s exhausting. I’m praying for the virtue of temperance in my life so I can have self-mastery over my desires for food and drink. I am a sensual person, we all are, and if I don’t express this in healthy ways, I’m back on the roller coaster.

This is the darkness where I invite the Spirit to give me strength and help me love discipline. Where I am weak, He is strong. My struggles and the small crosses I bear lead me closer to who I am meant to be.

As I hop off the roller coaster of my own making and join God’s plan on the gentle path of life’s flow, I feel strong and empowered. It’s a constant struggle to let go of the subtle and overt messages I absorbed growing up that told me I’m not worthy or good enough.  I’m realizing I don’t need to continue acting out on those messages not honoring my body as the temple of my soul.  When I listen to what my body is telling me, It’s possible to respond with love and connection acknowledging the sacred person I am, worthy of care, love, and peace. The truth sets me free. When I seek God first and surrender, I’m given supernatural strength to face the dark parts of myself, loving them into life.

For the first step toward discipline as a very earnest desire for her, then, care for discipline is love of her, love means the keeping of her laws, to observe her laws is the basis for incorruptibility, and incorruptibility makes one close to God, thus that desire for wisdom leads up to a kingdom.

Wisdom 6:17-20

Thank you, Lord, for filling my heart’s desire with what brings me closer to You.

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