Finding God's Goodness

Week Five: The Path. Just Breathe.

How often do you think about your breath? It’s something I take for granted yet as I contemplate my breath, the simplicity and power are overwhelming.  After watching “Breathe” on UTube by Rob Bell, I’ve been connecting with the goodness of my breath.

Each day, I’m given the gift of breath. My breath is holy ground. I know this in my heart as I grow in this awareness. When I’m distracted, I miss this holiness. The Hebrew name for God is Y-H-V-H – it is sacred, not really spoken but breathed. Is the name of God the sound of breathing?

We are fragile and vulnerable coming from dust, dying and returning to dust. My life is but a breath. Created and breathed into by the divine. My breath cleanses and sanctifies me. What things do I need to breathe out and leave behind? What things do I need to breathe in? I’m connected to every living thing through the common air we breathe. Breath never dies, I’m breathing the same air that God breathed to create the earth, giving life to His Son Jesus. Jesus commended His Spirit to the Father with His last breath. Breath and Spirit intertwined within you and me. Divine breath flows through us which is holy ground. God is here. It’s true even if we don’t believe it. When we can no longer say the name of God we die. We cease to breathe.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7

My breath is the path to holiness and goodness. Thank you for slowing me down, to live, move and breathe.

2 thoughts on “Week Five: The Path. Just Breathe.”

  1. This is very profound yet simplistic. I love the analogy and parallels of breath. And the Hebrew name for God!
    Powerful truth! Breathing deeply today!


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