Gift of Goodness

Gift of Goodness – December 1, 2021

A bit of goodness to start your day.

Waiting is hard. The process of waiting is rarely enjoyable, and it is often uncomfortable, uncertain, and frustrating. Waiting feels passive, too much like inaction which is hard to do in our action-oriented world. Yet waiting is an important aspect of faith. It is a time of preparation, of drawing close to God, actively anticipating the movement of God.

  • What is something you are currently waiting for? 
  • What emotions surround this time of waiting?
  • Do you find it challenging to find hope while you are waiting? If so, why?

To wait is to choose to hope regardless of circumstances. Hope looks back at the faithfulness of God to trust God for the future in our present reality. Waiting cultivates trust that what God has promised, God will do. Waiting is being confident in God’s love and truth, having hope in the fruition of God’s promises.

Father, Son and Spirit, I enter this time of expectant waiting, putting my hope, my confidence in Your faithfulness. I lament the pain of my present circumstances while I hope in the Lamb, the worthy one who came to redeem me through his death and resurrection, ushering in Your kingdom to the world. It is not always easy to see through the darkness, but as I move through this time of Advent, I commit to daily putting my hope in Your promises, looking back at the promises already fulfilled and toward the future promises, knowing You are always faithful. I long for the day when people from all nations worship You. I have confidence that You are in this time of waiting. In your name.


Today, call me to hope during times of darkness when the future is uncertain, and it is easy to question Your love and faithfulness. I will make a list of things that bring me hope and things that I am waiting for and contemplate how they relate. 

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