Got Faith?

Reflections for contemplative living

We are called to not be afraid, to have faith, and do not doubt. Have you got that kind of faith?

A recent example for me is in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus curses the fig tree. He was hungry, and the tree had no fruit so He cursed it and it withered up. For me, this story is twofold: First, this is an example of how we wither up and die when we don’t bear the good fruit. Second, we see that it is an expectation that we are to live a full life, we are to bring truth, beauty, and goodness to the world.  We feed and nourish the world. 

We are told that we can pray for anything, and if we have faith, we will receive it.


Thank you, Lord, for showing me that with faith and by bearing good fruit, I can move mountains.

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