Avoiding Gossip

Reflections for contemplative living

One of the ideas in twelve step recovery is placing principle above personalities.  I find myself leaning into this practice often these days.  So much of the conversation in the United States has to do with individual truth coupled with attitudes that create division.  Over the years, I’ve struggled with keeping my side of the street clean as it is tempting to pass along things we hear about other people to make ourselves feel better than. 

Before we gossip or find fault with others, we can ask ourselves three questions: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is telling it important to help someone along their journey?” If we can’t say yes to each question, we need to keep our mouth shut. A single word that hurts someone else disconnects us from God. Our gossip could cause someone else to lose their faith and this certainly isn’t walking the path of Jesus.

Tale-bearers are as bad as the tale-makers.

Lord, thank you for helping me see how gossip destroys my connection with You and others.  Help me talk about principles, not personalities.

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