Grounded in Joy

Reflections for contemplative living – Art by Melanie Boutiette @

Lately, I’ve been focusing on what self-care looks like for me. It is far beyond eating right and exercising. It is treating myself with respect, tenderness, and compassion. It’s paying attention.  It is noticing what makes my heart sing, bringing forth joy and happiness in my day. I’m realizing I can easily get into scarcity mode and focus on everything else except what makes me a better person. 

I’m realizing that a simple practice like taking a minute to lay down on the ground, letting my body sink into the floor, stretching my arms wide and breathing is self-care.  It grounds my body in something outside itself, bringing me such peace. I let go for a few moments and just let the earth hold me. I’m grounded in joy.

 What leads you to joy in your day?

Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of simple things to ground myself in joy throughout my day.

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