Day 6: Gods Language, Silence

Reflection by Jacquelyne Rocan

Did I sit in silence to be with God today?  

The world seems so noisy today and it can be hard for me to find times to be quiet and sit in silence to pray.  Between work and other obligations, I do make time for prayers and reading the Bible, but often that time becomes filled with me talking to God, rather than focusing on contemplative or centering prayer and listening for God’s voice.  I find it hard at times just to sit in the silence and have to fight the urge to do something or say something.

Over the years, I have been taking small steps to find more time to engage in silent prayer.  I often turn off the radio in my car and sit in silence and pray when commuting to work or other activities.  I also have spent time in adoration before the Eucharist.  My parish has started a monthly candlelight adoration service, where the church is beautifully lit and silent as we pray in God’s presence.  When the feeling comes for me to do something during that time of prayerful adoration, I keep bringing myself back to simply sit in God’s presence and to listen for God’s voice, a tiny whisper among the noise in the world.

Finding time to be with God in silence, sitting in His presence and soaking in His love, is hard for me to do, but when I make this effort, it feels like an oasis in the parched desert of the world in which we live.  I may not feel like I am accomplishing something in the silence, but God is truly working in me during this time.  What better way to spend my time?

How did I listen for God’s voice today in the silence of prayer?

Thank you, Lord, for listening to my prayers and sitting with me in the silence of my heart.  May I always listen for Your voice, guiding me and teaching me.  Authentically Yours

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