So Worthy of Respect

Reflections for contemplative living

All of God’s creation deserves respect. Many of us have felt that we were bad or worthless, or beyond the reach of genuine acceptance. If we believed in God, perhaps we thought we deserved God’s condemnation more than we deserved grace. Today, we are reminded that we are part of creation. God is everywhere in creation and within us.

Certainly, some of our actions were wrong. Certainly, we must be accountable for our bad deeds. But what we do is not who we are. Our deeds are not our spirit. 

At the core, we are sacred creatures of God. Being accountable is a high and noble thing, and it is one way that we pay respect to ourselves and our God.

Is there any area of life where you need to hold yourself accountable today?

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to respect myself as part of Your work.

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