Finding God's Goodness

Week 50. Respect. Faithful Friendship.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of love grows our generosity.

We can all use faithful friends. Ones who are with us in our time of need, who never forsake or fail us for friendship is the support of life. It’s easy to be a friend in prosperity and help our friends, but it’s a bit more difficult to manage during times of adversity. We are called to give counsel, offer our best endeavors, and sympathize with our friends with all our heart. If necessary, we are to endure hardship, offering respect and justice where it is due.

Friends are a vital part of life, especially having friends with whom you can share everything in good times and in bad.

Preserve, then, my sons, that friendship you have begun with your brethren, for nothing in the world is more beautiful than that. It is indeed a comfort in this life to have one to whom you can open your heart, with whom you can share confidences, and to whom you can entrust the secrets of your heart. It is a comfort to have a trusty friend by your side, who will rejoice with you in prosperity, sympathize in troubles, encourage in persecution.  St. Ambrose

If we want our own friends to be faithful to us in our time of need, should we not be faithful to them in their need?

Lord, help me be a faithful, supportive friend, bringing Your justice to the world.

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