Finding God's Goodness

Week 50. Respect. Showered in Love.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of love grows our generosity.

What does God’s goodness look like? As I seek, what do I find? My respectful posture helps me see the sphere where mercy and faithfulness meet.

A place where Justice and peace kiss and where the bounty of love is showered upon us all.

My faithfulness creates room for this goodness to rise up from the earth, allowing justice from a higher power to prevail. A humble heart allows the bounty of love, and respect for all of creation to increase before us. A generous spirit guides us throughout our day.

Wondrous God, hold us in Your mercy and justice, and grant that we may do your work well on the earth.

Thank you, Lord, for Your respect and saving grace, strengthening my gift of faith and generous spirit.

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