Finding God's Goodness

Week 48. Gentleness. Shown the Way.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of hope grows our gentleness.

Forgiveness is mild behavior, forgiving rather than being angry, being gracious rather than vengeful. The gentle person is meek; gentle and humble of heart. He does not insist on having his own way or being right but yields to others for the sake of relationship.

Gentleness is the fruit of the Spirit that demands the most from us.  It means adopting a position where we effectively place ourselves third on the list – putting God and other people before ourselves.  This is a hard position to sustain in our humanness.  It requires humility and sacrifice, patience, and compassion – qualities that we might feel that we lack, even on our best days.  

But the good news is that God shows us the way.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me the way.

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