Finding God's Goodness

Week 44. Living Justly. Valuing My Gifts.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of faith grows our faithfulness.

Living justly requires effort on my part. I must fight the path of least resistance and wake up to the fullness of life around me. 

Have I become careless in being faithful to my spiritual commitments such as attendance at daily Mass, daily time of prayer, spiritual reading, and so on. Or have I become careless in valuing the gifts God has given me. Have I begun to allow distractions, entertainments, and engagement in worldly activities deaden my hunger for God?  

Dryness experienced as a result of negligence, lukewarmness, and infidelity—and whatever stage of the downward spiral it may have led to—have only one solution: repentance.

Ralph Martin

Lord, help me value my gifts, keep me from self-induced dryness and return me to fidelity in my spiritual practices.

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