Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Eight. Integrity. Hypocrite.

Valuing My Body. Temperance with love leads to chastity.

Showing others Christ’s love and goodness begins with me. Am I living a life of integrity or as a hypocrite? 

Much of my life I’ve been much quicker to detect faults in others than to notice them in myself. My parents passed on this character defect which they likely learned from their parents. Over time I’ve seen how I can be irritated by another person’s faults, even though I possess them in greater measure. 

For example, when I’m bothered by the poor eating habits or lack of exercise in others, that’s the time I need to look at myself and assess how I’m handling those areas of my life. If I’m in integrity with myself, I can approach the other person with compassion and a less critical eye. I need to consider my own condition first—humbly—and then I need to work on truly becoming more Christ-like. The more I allow God’s grace to transform my life, the more I can help others

The proud person complains loudly of the conceit and arrogance he sees in his neighbor, but he is blind to his own vice. 

Thank you Lord for helping me see through my pride,   allowing me to see the faults in myself that you want me to start working on and giving me the courage to do so. 

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