Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Two. Moderation. Encouraged.

Month Eight – Valuing My Body. Temperance with hope leads to self-control. 

There is a saying in recovery that fear is faith that hasn’t said its prayers. I can be lulled into the comforts the world offers and fall spiritually asleep. Then I wonder why I feel dull and lack inspiration.  I’m not reaping the benefits of moderation. I’ve become lazy and this laziness breeds spiritual disconnectedness. 

But I am encouraged because I am always healed in response to my faith. My discipline of prayer where I find God’s goodness in my life feeds the flames of my faith. As I moderate my perspective and rest in knowing that I’m being held in love and by love, I heal and gain the strength to carry on. My life becomes a living prayer, outpouring mercy and love. 

Be encouraged! Your faith has made you well.” and the woman was healed at that moment.

Matthew 9:23

Thank you Lord for always encouraging me and making me well. 

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