Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Nine. Mindset. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Month Seven – Valuing My Body. Temperance with faith produces modesty.

This week we have contemplated how our mindset affects our spirit. We can advance in purity of heart or stay stuck in our limited human perspective of life. God promises to change our minds, to share in eternal joy. My part is accepting the invitation with a loving, humble, and grateful heart. Practices from other faith traditions can help me walk the path of holiness. I particularly like this one from the Jewish tradition, the Hasidic mystics. The eighteenth-century Hasidic Rabbi Hayim Heikel of Amdur, active in Lithuania, counseled conscious remembrance of God first thing in the morning. Rabbis Or N. Rose and Ebn D.

A Prayer Upon Waking

What is your first thought upon rising? How often is it about physical or emotional exhaustion, time pressures, or worries about the new day? Are you aware of the process of waking from sleep, or do you immediately and automatically move through a series of activities to get yourself (and your family) up and out of the house? How does the beginning of your day affect the hours that follow? . . .  

Like many of the practices proposed by the Hasidic masters, changing our early-morning routine is not easy; at times it might even seem impossible. Yet imagine how this adjustment could reshape your day. How might your morning unfold if your first thoughts were devoted to what is most significant in your life? When you awake in the morning immediately remember that the blessed Creator has acted toward you with goodness and kindness, for He has returned the soul to you; the soul that fills your whole body. . . .

Before opening your eyes, draw the Creator to you— likewise with your ears, mouth, and mind. 

If you follow this practice, all your deeds will be holy that day, as it is written, “I foretell the end from the beginning”

Isaiah 46:10

Weekly Reflection Summary: My Mindset.

Sunday. Acceptance. Acceptance is a mindset.

Monday. Invitation to Trust. Does my thinking trust that this is enough?

Tuesday. Choosing a Better Way. Christ’s love attracts us to a different way of life.

Wednesday. Eternal Perspective. I’m choosing life.

Thursday. Nourishment. My hunger for more is satisfied.

Friday. Eternal Confidence. My name is written in Heaven.

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