Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Nine. My Mindset. Nourishment.

Month Seven – Valuing My Body. Temperance with faith produces modesty.

God is present in the everyday moments of our life. So often I look for ways to dramatically change the world. It is good to dream and ponder these things but not if they are a distraction to living the life in front of me well.

Am I actively surrendering to grace in the everyday moments of my life? Am I present, living in an attitude of gratitude for the gift of God, myself, and the people in my life? Is my mind and heart full of the joy of this presence, helping to draw me to a mindset of abundance? God’s presence is found in all reality; do I have the inner willingness to encounter it?

When my heart and soul are filled with this spiritual nourishment, my hunger for more is satisfied and I’m made stronger to face the base desires and temptations in my life. I can pass up the glass of wine on the weekdays, I can only have one York peppermint patty and enjoy it. I’m living in the mindset of enough and can set healthy limits for myself. I’m giving God permission to be in control of my life rather than live in the anxiety that is somehow up to me to control. For today, I’m winning the spiritual battle. I have faith that God has “got this”, allowing this mindset to penetrate my being.

God dwells wherever man lets him in.

Martin Buber, The Way of Man

Thank you God for nourishing me to overflowing abundance today.

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