Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Four. Connected. Better Together.

Month Six – Smitten with Goodness. Fortitude with love produces goodness.

So much of life we live in our brokenness rather than living a life of transformation and wholeness. It’s our human condition, but God’s love helps us bridge the divide within ourselves. We are better together rather than apart. God’s love and support allows me to see deep within my heart. I know I can only see as far into the world as I can see into myself.

An ethical and moral life is about letting go of indifference and learning how to see. It’s about waking up to love ourselves, love our posse, and love our world. Imagine love as our shared spiritual practice, binding us to one another, enabling us to see our connection—that we are kin.

Jacqui Lewis

Today I spoke to my daughter who is having a hard time at work. It was the weekend and she had time off. I knew she would be digging in the dirt and working in her garden. I asked her how work was going. She said not great and she didn’t want to talk or think about it on her time off. I thought, wow that’s really loving yourself! She knows what feeds her soul and has healthy boundaries for herself. She is keeping the flames of love within her heart going rather than letting her circumstances harden her heart. We can only bring to others what we have ourselves.

Thank you Lord for always being with me.

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