Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Three. Fortitude in Love. Pure Love.

Month Six – Fortitude in loving myself infused with God’s love produces goodness.

Do you own your God-given belovedness? As I grow in this awareness, there is a presence about me that flows to others around me and from them back to me. It’s the ability to take a sacred pause when I want to react in an emotional manipulative way, take a deep breath in prayer, and respond with kindness and love. This shifts the energy in the interaction into detachment, allowing God to dictate the flow. As I see through God’s eyes, I can recognize this flow around me. The flow of pure love and God’s goodness. 

I’ve been frustrated recently by the lack of response of my adult child when I reach out by text. The situation is causing me to take many sacred pauses. Last weekend, after I took my emotions and hurt feelings to prayer, then sent another text asking him if he’d like to join us for dinner the next night. We had a lovely dinner full of connection and love. My surrender allowed God to flow freely through me and the situation, bringing goodness and vulnerability. The sacred pause allows me to release the judgment and the shaming and blaming patterns I grew up with.

These are the moments of pure love scattered throughout my day. Moments of meaning and holiness.

Let us love since that is what our hearts are made for.

St Teresa of Lisieux

Lord, thank you for allowing me to participate in your pure love.

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