Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Two. Gentleness. Winning the Battle.

Month Five. Fortitude to love myself expands my hope and kindness.

We can win the spiritual battle of envy with kindness.  Do you struggle with envy at times like I do? I’m convinced it is part of our human condition but we can prevail if we walk the gentle path of kindness.  Kindness or wishing the best for others helps me overcome my sin of envy.  As I learn to love myself, I become more accepting of myself, allowing me to be more accepting of others without bias or spite.  God blesses each of us in different ways and it is through these gifts that He fulfills His purpose in the world.

I can swap envy with kindness and be thankful. I try to stay in gratitude and thank God every day for what I have and what I don’t have. I look upon my life with positivity rather than counting the ways God “hasn’t” blessed me.  I wish the best for others, which fosters brotherly love. I admire others, offering respect and warm approval. I pray for the Holy (Theological) virtue of Hope to heal my spiritual sin of envy.

Let us allow Jesus the Living Bread to heal us of our self-absorption. May he open our hearts to sharing, heal us from rigidity and turning in on ourselves, and inspire us to follow him wherever he wants to lead us.

Pope Francis

Thank You Lord for allowing me to win the spiritual battles in life with Your love and gentleness.

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