Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Two. Gentleness. Transformation.

Month Five. Fortitude to love myself, expands my hope and kindness.

The further I journey down the spiritual path of transformation, I have a clearer line of sight to meaning and to my value, purpose and identity. God is always true to His word, when I seek I find. This is the gentle path of transformation.

My doing flows out of my being. God, not me, is the source of my transformation and I’m conformed into His image. My part in the process is to offer myself to God, enabling Him to do the transforming work of grace. This is the journey towards love expanding hope within my heart, allowing me to pour out kindness and gentleness in my life. Rather than react, I have more moments of sacred pause allowing me to bear the fruits of gentleness and kindness, including with myself.

God uses anything and everything to draw me to Him. My approach to sin has been transformed recently where I see how He used this disconnection to lead me back to Him. My tendency is to have connection with God all the time, to live in harmony and happily ever after. But this is not the reality of being human. Where I am weak, He is strong.  As I acknowledge the thoughts and behaviors in my life that aren’t grounded in love, I can choose to continue down that path adding weight to my shoulders or I can invite God in to do the heavy lifting to reframe my perspective. Then I’m free from the burden of separation and flow with the divine plan. Sin is not something to be conquered but can be a gentle path to transformation. This kind of love gives me hope and softens my heart, bringing vulnerability and leading to connection and gentleness.

God is not in the business of tweaking. He’s in the business of transformation.

Matthew Kelly

Thank You Lord for transforming my life with Your gentle love.

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