Finding God's Goodness

Week Eight: Joy. Presence

How many times do I make choices and assumptions based on my own design and flawed, limited perspective? I think I’m the one who needs to be doing something, not fully realizing that its not part of Your plan. As I grown in relationship with You, I hear and follow your promptings. You allow me to do things of Your will for the benefit of Your plan and to participate in Your grace. Oh, the joy my heart feels when I feel your presence and goodness in the divine flow.

Divine flow is God’s grace where our hearts are one, perfectly aligned. When I feel joy despite what’s going on around me. I have a solid foundation within. I’ve learned over the years, the more I fight and resist, the bigger the obstacles and suffering are thrown my way. I am always given what I need for me to draw closer to You, even as I wrestle and fight to accept the pain, the loss, or my circumstances. As I surrender into acceptance, I realize the time I’ve lost in resistance. In resisting Your plan and not accepting my reality. Knowing my breath can cease at any moment. Living as each day is my last and making them count. My laziness and my pride sideline me into thinking that I’ll have another day and I put things off or feel that I must move mountains on my own. All I truly have is this moment to choose to be a part of God’s plan. To bring my creator joy.  

And a voice came from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.

Matthew 3:17

Thank you, Lord, for Your presence in my life so I can be part of Your divine plan and bring You joy.

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