Finding God's Goodness

Week Eight: Joy. Awesomeness

How awesome God is it that your reign and glory trump everything here in this crazy chaotic world. Your kingdom has the final authority. Your reign is supreme and eternal. It is only with you that our souls live forever.

This is awesomeness giving me hope, providing my heart confidence, comfort, and peace. How do you want me to show up today? Help me live in vulnerability, truth, and authenticity. Give me the fortitude to persevere and do your will. You are the truth, the way, the light. Let me shine your awesomeness in the world.

All peoples clap your hands, Cry to God with shouts of joy! For the Lord, the Most High is awesome, the great king over all the earth.

Psalm 47:2-3

Lord, thank you for letting me make joyful noise today pointing to Your awesomeness.

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