Finding God's Goodness

Week Four: Unshakeable Peace. Enjoy the Journey.

As I contemplate the virtue of prudence and orient my soul towards the good, I see how my actions, sparked by my faith, lead to a peaceful heart. I’m learning that my faith must grow, it needs to be sparked by desire if I am to grow in relationship with God. Like any journey, I need to prepare.

How do I stoke the flames of desire for God’s goodness? Through a walk outside in appreciation of the trees, the blooming flowers, or the vastness of the sky. Or a conversation with one of my children who calls me out of the blue to tell me they love me. When I lay my head on my husband’s shoulder before bed each night. These are the things that soften my heart in gratitude, stoking the flames of appreciation for God’s goodness in my life and drawing me forward on the journey to love.

Faith is not a suit of armor that encases us; instead, it is a fascinating journey, a constant and restless movement, ever in search of God, always discerning our way forward.

Pope Francis, January 6, 2022

Thank you, God, for planting a restlessness in my heart, awakening the deepest desires that are only fulfilled with Your peace and goodness.

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