Gift of Goodness

Gift of Goodness – December 13, 2021

A bit of goodness to start your day.

On the third Sunday of Advent yesterday, we lit the rose “Joy” candle. On Gaudete, or rejoice, Sunday we celebrate that our waiting for the birth of Jesus on Christmas day is almost over. Rose is a liturgical color that is used to signify joy.

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce that she would be Jesus’ mother. This must have come as quite a surprise. After all, Mary wasn’t married yet, and she had a different plan for her life. Gabriel reminded her that nothing is impossible with God. She could have been overwhelmed by this startling news, but she chose to respond with a song of joy. Nothing takes God by surprise. We can trust that God has an ultimate plan for our lives. Discover the joy that comes from believing in Jesus and God’s plan for us.

Luke 1:26-38, 46-47

• Who are we planning on seeing this Christmas?

• How do you feel when your plans don’t happen like you want?

• How can we remember to have joy, even when our plans change?

Today, I will thank You God for sending Jesus to be our Savior. We can see how Mary trusted Your plan, and You filled her heart with joy. Thank You for reminding us that You have a good plan for our lives, too. Help us to find our joy in You, because Your plans are always good.

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