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Gift of Goodness – October 22, 2021

A bit of goodness to start your day.

Venerable Justin Popovic states that every prayer and every gospel virtue gradually conquers death in us, while all together they establish victory over death and bring us to eternal life.

We must remember we are not alone, the Holy Spirit is here to help us.

Even though we know that God’s will and commandments apply to everyone, we do not always have the strength to fulfill them. Now, every time we respond faithfully to a motion of the Spirit, out of desire to be docile to what God expects of us, even if it’s something almost insignificant of itself, that faithfulness draws grace and strength down on us. That strength can then be applied to other areas and may make us capable of one day practicing the commandments that up until then we had not been capable of fulfilling entirely.

Fr. Jacques Philippe, p. 20 In the School of the Holy Spirit

Today, I will pray “Come Holy Spirit” throughout my day to help me in living a virtuous life.

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